Level System

We have a price level system in our salon/spa. The service price is based on the demand that each of our service providers has earned on their time. Each service provider has completed our advanced Associate Training Program, which is similar to getting a master’s degree in our profession. Our level ones go on the floor with the equivalence of having 3 years of experience in our industry. The level price menu is to create longevity of the service providers in our salon company. All of our service providers are very talented and promise to deliver an outstanding guest experience each time you come in. Being a price level salon means we can meet all the beauty budgets of the community.

Experience the Difference

A Cost Before Create Sheet will be given before starting any service. If your service provider doesn’t write the price down for you then please ask prior beginning your service. Our prices listed on our website are starting at prices and will also fluctuate based on the amount of product and time used to create your service. We cannot guarantee any prices without a free consultation.

*As a precaution, please do not tan 24 hours prior to or after any hair removal
service. Please allow two weeks of hair growth for any body waxing.


  • Lip
    From $14
  • Chin
    From $14
  • Brow
    From $19
  • Add On Wax
    From $15
  • Side of Face
    From $19
  • Half Arm
    From $34
  • Full Arm
    from $42
  • Underarms
    From $27
  • Brazilian
    From $65
  • French Bikini
    From $49
  • Bikini
    From $35
  • Full Leg/Bikini
    From $100
  • Full Leg
    From $70
  • Half Leg
    From $58
  • Chest
    From $60
  • Back
    From $60
  • Full Back and Chest
    from $110
  • Full Body
    From $350

  • Brow sugaring
    From $22
  • Upper lip sugaring
    From $15
  • Chin sugaring
    From $17
  • Brazilian sugaring
    From $75
  • French Bikini Sugaring
    From $56
  • Bikini sugaring
    From $40
  • Full arm sugaring
    From $44
  • Half arm sugaring
    From $33
  • Underarm sugaring
    From $33
  • Full leg with bikini sugaring
    From $115
  • Half leg sugaring
    From $63
  • Full leg sugaring
    From $80
  • Back and chest sugaring
    From $130
  • Back sugaring
    From $72
  • Chest sugaring
    From $70
  • Lower back sugaring
    From $20
  • Stomach sugar
    From $30
  • Belly Button Sugaring
    From $17
  • *Prices are based on a tiered stylists level system